Ways to Make the Perfect Gift Bag for a New Puppy

The day a new puppy comes home is one of the best days ever. If you have a friend or family member who is getting a puppy, you can join in the fun by putting together a gift bag full of goodies for the little man and his new parents.

Interesting Stuff

Puppies play a lot and love it. As havanese puppies grow up, it helps them learn to interact with people and form strong bonds with their human and furry family members. Toys that are suitable for puppies are also essential; these should be sturdy enough to withstand rigorous play without damaging the little teeth that pups have. 

You should get your puppy some hard chew toys that are puppy-approved. Even if they look adorable in a gift basket or bag, new human parents should know that their puppy needs constant supervision around plush toys because they are easily chewed or eaten.

Squishy Stuff

Toys, cushions, and beds made of soft materials are great presents for puppies. To make it more festive, you could use a brand-new puppy bed as a “basket” to hold all of the little presents. Find decorative pillows and blankets in a variety of charming patterns and hues.

 Think about how often you’ll be washing these products; therefore, it’s essential to choose pieces that are colorfast and machine washable.

Tasty Things

Some tasty treats are a must-have in any gift bag. Like with toys, buy treats that are made for puppies and not adult dogs. These will be better for their sensitive stomachs and quickly growing bodies. Find little bags or tins that hold crunchy cookies or chewy treats. 

Some pet shops sell fancy cookies with icing and sprinkles that are safe for dogs. For extra sparkle, add a few of these designer treats. And to keep the puppy healthy, buy things that aren’t made with any artificial tastes, colors, or preservatives.

Practical Things

For new dog owners, useful things are needed to help their furry friend learn and get used to their new home. Notable useful things may include collars, leashes, nail clippers, brushes, flea combs, stainless steel bowls, and cookie jars. 

You could even include books on basic dog training, making new puppies feel at home, or helping them get healthy.

Safety Things

This is a list of things that every dog owner should have in their dog’s first aid kit. For people who just got a puppy, these kits make great gifts. You can either buy a kit already put together or make your own. 

Bandages, antiseptic wash or wipes, styptic sticks, eye and ear wash solutions, diphenhydramine for allergic responses, cold and heat packs, a tool for removing ticks, scissors, tweezers, cotton balls, cotton swabs, and disposable gloves are all important first aid items.


You can let your dog open presents at any time, like Christmas, a birthday, or just because. Giving your pet extra brain exercises is a good way to balance out the physical exercise you get from running around in the park or going for a walk.

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