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Nitin Singhania

Nitin Singhania is an IAS officer and author of the highly acclaimed Indian Art and Culture book. In addition to this, he has also penned works on economics and India’s history.

He holds both a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Economics, as well as being a Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary. A member of the Indian Administrative Services, he is currently posted to West Bengal Cadre as Assistant Secretary to Ministry of Home Affairs.

Nitin Singhania has an extensive background in economics, having held senior positions at several government departments such as Coal India Ltd. His knowledge of India’s economy is second to none; he is a member of the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy with several scholarships awarded for his work within this field.

He holds academic qualifications as well as a successful career in the film industry. His performances have been featured on numerous movies and television shows, earning him recognition for his performances. For his work in Rustom, he received the National Film Award for Best Actor.

His most recent film is 2.0, a blockbuster which has become the fifth highest grossing Indian movie. Other film credits include Special 26 (2013), Holiday (2014) and Airlift (2016).

In addition to acting, he has authored numerous articles and is a regular commentator on news channels and radio programmes. Previously, he was part of the editorial team for Hindustan Times and Business Standard publications.

He is a renowned writer, an expert in economics and history, as well as being popular among UPSC aspirants. With a Masters in economics from Presidency College, Kolkata, he has lectured at numerous institutions throughout India.

He is the author of the esteemed Indian Art and Culture book, which is used widely by students preparing for the Civil Service Examination. Additionally, his latest publication ‘Indian Economy’ serves as an invaluable resource for IAS aspirants.

The syllabus of the IAS exam is extensive, making it essential to be well-prepared. Therefore, reading relevant books prior to taking your examinations is highly recommended; do not waste time on unsuitable materials instead.

As an IAS aspirant, you are expected to possess a comprehensive understanding of your country’s political environment. That is why it is so essential to stay abreast of all pertinent facts and figures – which is why having access to books like this one can be so beneficial.

This book is clearly organized with concise notes and extensive coverage of the topic. It’s straightforward to read and comprehend, providing insight into India’s diverse culture. With 29 chapters, six appendices, and an informative chart on UNESCO heritage sites, this volume covers a lot of ground.

It offers an impressive collection of illustrations to make reading more captivating and captivating. A must-have for IAS aspirants, this text will serve as invaluable reference material in the long run.

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