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What is fried chicken? How to identify the characteristics of this chicken breed? Why is a rotten chicken called a fighting cock? The rare and famous chicken breed is sought after by many cockers. Therefore, it created a fever in the cockfighting world and chicken breeders. Let’s New88 Read the following article for a detailed look at chicken breeds.
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Introduction to what is the chicken breed? 

Known as a chicken breed with two colors of yellow and brown feathers. At first glance, the fur color looks like sunburn, so many people call it burnt. The cock fights bravely and wins every match, so many chickens are hunting and rushing to buy it. Fighting cocks are considered an invincible chicken breed. Competing in any match, defeat the opponent’s cock in that match. These news have been verified to be 100% accurate. 

When fighting, a rooster can strike very quickly. Unleash a flexible, lightning-fast kick. Especially when the chicken’s defense is also extremely good. If you are passionate about raising fighting chickens, choose a breed What is fried chicken? would be very reasonable. 

The rooster plays flexibly, winning wherever he goes

In fact, this is a chicken breed that is popular with many people. On the stage, always defeat opponents quickly. But not all undefeated and famous fighting cocks, when mated, create perfect offspring.

“Khat” here means the color of chicken feathers. The chicken breed that mixes two colors of brown and yellow feathers is quite impressive, so it is called the burnt fighting chicken. Currently, the chicken breed is extremely diverse, with chicken lines combined with many different colors. 

The outstanding advantage of chickens called fire is that they are agile when competing. Play flexibly both defensively and offensively. If you are passionate about fighting cocks with iron spurs or knife spurs, raising the fire chicken breed will be very suitable. 

What are the identifying characteristics of the chicken breed? 

To identify chicken breeds, many cockers will rely on their feathers to identify them. The chicken line has two main colors: brown and yellow. However, there are also chickens with red, purple, gray, orange and black colors… Below are some chicken breeds and their identification characteristics: 

Chicken with white legs

Chicken breed with sturdy and flexible legs. With large, sturdy legs, it seems difficult to move. On the contrary, the chicken breed has super fast moving speed. If the cocker owns a chicken with white legs, he will always win.
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Chicken with green legs

Chicken breeds are raised by many people for fighting. This is a chicken line that is highly appreciated for its health and good performance. With powerful blows, strong kicking power along with high endurance. 

What is burnt chicken with lead legs?

The lead-legged chicken breed is loved by many people. But if you buy this breed of chicken to raise for fighting, you should think again. Because chickens with lead feet are only raised for play or as ornaments. 

What is the way to see if a chicken is burnt, so which day is a good day to fight? 

According to cockfighters, it is also very important to know which days are good for cockfighting? Depending on the fate of the cocks, there will be different competition dates. For example, a black chicken with yellow legs and no black spots on its legs means the chicken has a golden destiny. A black chicken with white legs is a fighting chicken with the element of Wood. 

Besides, cockmasters should also look at the law of mutual generation and conflict to know which days are good for chickens to fight: 

  • According to the rules of coordination: blue wins white, white wins black, blue wins black, yellow wins white and white loses yellow. 
  • Law of contrast: White loses to yellow; Black loses to yellow, blue loses to white, and yellow loses to blue.

What is burnt chicken and its price on the market? 

According to New88’s research, the selling price of burnt fighting cocks is not too high. The price of a fried chicken depends on many different factors: 

  • Normally the selling price will range from 400,000 VND or more for a rooster with a raised beak. 
  • For sturdy, flexible chickens, the selling price will be higher. 
  • Burnt chickens possessing trophies will sell for extremely high prices. It depends on the negotiation between buyer and seller. 

What is a reputable and safe place to buy fried chicken? 

Market with many locations selling fighting chicken breeds. If you want to buy, you should choose a reputable place that ensures quality and should go to the match to buy directly. If you don’t have time, order online through reputable fighting cock forums. Currently there is also a door-to-door delivery service. Because buying fighting cocks is very important, it is important to find a reputable address.

Regarding how to raise and take care of the chicken line, it is also simple. The way of raising chickens will not be much different from regular chicken breeds. If you buy a large breed of chicken, it is best to ask about the nutritional regimen. So that when they come back, they will be properly raised and the chickens will not stop eating or have difficulty living. 


The article above New88 has provided you with information about what kind of fried chicken is. Hope you will find a good fighting cock breed to compete with. Through this, everyone will surely know the selling price and where to buy reputable and guaranteed chicken lines. 

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