Ku Fun Fish Shooting Game – Decoding the strong appeal

In the lobby of the school, there is a fish shooting game Ku Fun Fish Shooting This is a type of huge reward recently. This is an easy-to-play, easy-to-win game that can be converted into real money, making many people restless. Currently, the betting market is heating up with the name of this fish shooting game and bookmakers have not delayed adding it to their range of online betting products. Today New88 will decode the information you need to know about this fish shooting game.
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Overview of Ku Fun Fish Shooting and rewards

Originating from the recreational fish shooting games often found in supermarkets, the publishers have expanded the Ku Fun Fish Shooting form to online with many super attractive activities for bettors. This form of fish shooting game is to use your archery to shoot bullets at the fish that appear on the screen. Large and small objects destroyed will be converted into bonus coins in the match and at the end you will receive the reward according to the reward rate.

During the time period specified by the house, the more shots you can shoot, the more realistic the prize will be when redeemed. Each time you play, you will be able to reload bullets at a certain rate. Currently, many forms of fish shooting appear, but Ku Fun Fish Shooting is still gaining a lot of trust from bettors.

The attractiveness of Ku Fun Fish Shooting rewards

Discussing the points that create the attraction of Ku Fun Fish Shooting for prizes, there are many criteria. It is no coincidence that Ku Fun Fish Shooting is in the top of the most sought-after fish shooting tournaments. The attractive advantages mentioned below will help you understand the above question.

Design the ultimate interface system

Because it is a form of game that uses a 3D graphics system, the feeling of the bettors is extremely vivid and realistic. Each image on the screen, the movement of fish objects is flexible, without lag. In addition to fish objects, image subsystems such as corals, octopuses, etc. are all eye-catchingly designed. The images of the gun and bullet system, in addition to being beautiful, are also highly logical, which is what creates the appeal of Ku Fun Fish Shooting.

Many functions are equipped for players

If a fish shooting game has many forms to play, it will of course receive many visits. Ku Fun Fish Shooting possesses a series of super modern features that guarantee you will be surprised as soon as you access and experience this game.

  • Ku Fun Fish Shooting allows many players to participate, meaning you can invite up to 3 more people to fight and destroy fish with you. Each person is allowed to load and buy different guns, regardless, and points can be calculated separately or together depending on the player’s needs.
  • The Ku Fun Fish Shooting hall system is super diverse, each shooting hall has different reward rates and additional rules. This helps fish shooters not to worry about using incorrect techniques in the fighting arena, causing a waste of time. In addition, when shooting, you are also allowed to exchange and chat with each other if in different spaces.
  • Gun arsenal with many features allows for simultaneous combat. The more you recharge, the higher the quantity and quality of guns you buy, and of course the faster you can kill bosses. With Fish Shooting, boss fish appear a lot, in addition, many schools appear at the same time to help increase the aiming target for bettors. At the same time, the fish also brought gift packages containing attractive odds and great value.

Reward system with hot rates

If we say what is the point that attracts the most bettors, how can we ignore the money exchange rate of Ku Fun Fish Shooting? Each type of fish, each match, each lobby will have a different rate, the rate will simply appear right on the screen when you have finished destroying a certain individual. Some odds for each type of fish that bettors should know are:
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  • Silver dragon: This is the type of dragon-shaped fish that is easiest to see and distinguish in appearance. When you finish destroying the silver dragon, you will earn a lot of money, but the amount of bullets you spend is a lot and you need to have your own strategy. In some cases, when the silver dragon dies, the surrounding fish are also affected or die, so you don’t need to aim and shoot many times and still get rewards for both sides.
  • Catch and bomb: A fish contains the catch function and if you successfully destroy it, on the Fish Shooting screen, if there is any fish containing a catch, it will belong to the player and be free to destroy. As for bombs, as its name suggests, any object carrying a bomb, when you shoot it, the surrounding objects will immediately turn into coins for you.

Rules of the Ku Fun Fish Shooting game that you should know

Usually, if you have experienced fish shooting at traditional entertainment spots, the rules of Ku Fun Fish Shooting are not much different. Mainly, you have to use bullets and shoot at individual fish that appear on the screen to get rewards. The smaller the bullets and the less features the gun has, the lower its ability to kill, the more effort it takes to shoot, and vice versa.

Usually when playing, bettors will play according to the rules such as shooting in groups, shooting single fish, and hunting large sharks. If shooting in a school, use 5 coins at the same time to shoot into the center of that school of fish. Single fish shooting is a form of spending only 2 cents on each small fish. When you shoot the third shot and it still doesn’t die, you should give up and shoot another target. Hunting big sharks is for people with experience and large capital. They use a lot of bullets for one fish, but the coin value is over 200,300 coins per fish.

How to download Ku Fun Fish Shooting game

Currently on the market, many bookmakers directly provide the Fish Shooting game for you. To make the fish shooting process safe and satisfying, you can choose to play on the web or play on mobile by downloading the app. Below are some ways to download Ku Fun Fish Shooting quickly and without charge.

  • Download games at the bookies’ homepages: Most modern bookmakers like New88 always update all new technology trends that allow users to operate right on the interface. As soon as you enter the house website, bettors can pay attention to the categories to see the section to download the fish shooting app to your device. Pay attention to follow the dealer’s instructions and choose the operating system compatible mode.
  • Download Ku Fun Fish Shooting game by referral from friends: There are many game publishers that allow players to act as agents, which means you can introduce new players to play fish shooting and freely install via the link. . Just click on an introductory link and select download, complete the installation on the device, then you can log in and play Ku Fun Fish Shooting.
  • Download fish shooting game via scan code: This may be a fairly new method but it is the most popular because of its speed and ease. Each supplier can give you a QR code and just scan it and it will automatically download to your device. Regardless of the form of fish shooting game download, the odds, interface and reward method are kept the same.


Ku Fun Fish Shooting has never been boring and inferior to any prize-winning fish shooting game. The knowledge about this type shared today in this article will give bettors more experience to sweep all fronts of bonus games. Hopefully every moment of fish shooting betting is the best experience for bettors.

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