What is Phom? Learn the Basic Rules of Phom in Details

What is phom? It is an extremely familiar game because of its unique and characteristic gameplay. If you don’t know how to play phom and the rules, please refer to it immediately Jun88 Find out what phom game is through the article below.

What is the concept of phom?

Phom, also known as Ta La, is a traditional folk game. Previously, phom was played a lot in the Northern region, then it became widely popular throughout the country. Phom games will use a standard deck of cards with 52 cards, with a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 4 people. Each player is dealt 8 cards, but the person holding the medal will be dealt 9.

The task of each bettor when participating in the game is to capture the opponent’s pieces and pick the remaining pieces to form a phom set. At the same time, he will also play worthless cards from his suit so that the opponent cannot gather cards. The game ends immediately when someone buzzes. If no one buzzes, then count the cards with the highest score to determine winner or loser.

What are the rules of playing phom?

  • According to the rules of phom, each table has a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 4 people.
  • Each game of phom also includes 4 rounds, in each round players can win 1 card from the leftover cards or 1 card from someone else who plays for them.
  • When a card is captured, the other cards on the table will be moved counterclockwise to let everyone know how many rounds the game has gone through.

What are the rules for paying phom cards?

  • In the card game Phom, there is an action that you need to pay attention to, which is re-sending money.
  • Re-sent to the temple so familiar in traditional Vietnamese phom. However, not everyone clearly understands the law on redundancy and uses it correctly. A good re-send will occur in the final round of the game.
  • In the final round, if you or any other player captures the previous opponent’s pawn and that person ends up losing the game, you will have to pay all remaining players.

How to calculate the points of cards in phom

  • Cards from 2-10 have the same value as the numbers on the card.
  • Card A (Ace) will be counted as 1 point.
  • The pieces J (bull), Q (dam), K (old) have points of 11, 12 and 13 respectively.

What is the term commonly used in phom?

  • Phom: Is a collection of 3 cards of the same value or 4 cards or more consecutively together and of the same suit.
  • Junk cards: Cards that cannot form phom in 8 cards.
  • Mom: In the last round, you don’t have any phom in the game.
  • Buzz: 9 consecutive cards of the same suit or 4 pairs.
  • Take the pin: Take the previous player’s card in the last turn
  • Send: In the last turn, if your junk card can be sent to the previous person’s defeated phom, it can also be sent to help you lower your score.
  • Compensation: The player who gets the pin and the previous player has to pay will have to pay the other players. Or if you calculate the wrong score at the end of the round and tell others, you will also be compensated.

Instructions on how to play phom from experts

What is the way to play phom? It’s also quite easy and simple, when preparing for each game, everyone will have to bet money and be dealt 8 cards, but the dealer will be dealt 9 cards and has the right to play first. All remaining extra cards will also be placed in the extra cards in the middle of the table.
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The phom game is played clockwise, first is the person who holds 9 cards and is also the dealer. This person will also play 1 trash card for the person on the right. Holding the chapter will also have 2 other options:

  • Eat that tree if it helps the player sitting next to form a set in their set.
  • Do not eat and that person has the right to pick 1 more card and place it in the middle.

Next, you will have to play a trash card on your hand to the opponent on the right. The rotation continues like that until someone announces Buzz. Of course that person wins the bet and gets to eat the bonuses of everyone at the table.

In case the game has gone through 4 consecutive rounds without anyone buzzing, everyone will have to lower their current phom and send cards according to the round. The person who placed the card first cannot send cards, so the last person can send all 3 people who placed the card first. Then everyone adds up the total points of the cards they have to determine who ranks first, second, third and last.


Above Cwin has compiled our basic information about what is phom? As well as the most effective way to play and the rules of phom. Hopefully it will help bettors have more confidence to be ready to participate in phom games and win for themselves along with huge rewards.

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