Programming Tools

Programming tools are applications designed to aid or facilitate the programming of computer software. These include text editors, compilers, assemblers, disassemblers, debuggers and more – all available either free of charge or as part of a commercial package. Programmers utilize these programs throughout their development cycle.

Integrated development environments (IDEs) are powerful and popular programming tools that bundle several different programming tools into a single program. Generally, these programs come with an editor for writing source code, compiler, linker, debugger, memory management tools as well as automatic documentation generation to demonstrate the software’s features.

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Make is a software platform designed to assist developers with creating, testing and maintaining large multi-module projects. Its powerful features save time and make collaboration between team members simple.

Jira is a work management system that supports Agile methodology and offers features like bug resolution, patching, agile release statuses and more. Additionally, it has DevOps-focused functionality such as issue tracking, project backlog management and collaboration.

Bitbucket is a decentralized browser revision control system that enables software developers to collaborate (code and code review). It can serve as the source control repository for projects. Its popularity stems from its simplicity of use and real-time tracking of issues and commits.

Git is a version control system that supports multiple languages and platforms, making it suitable for various uses. As it’s free and open-source, users are able to store code in one central location with Git.

Python is a programming language that enables the creation of applications with HTML, CSS, JS and other languages. It’s ideal for creating data-driven websites and other Web applications as well as enterprise Internet and Intranet systems.

Vim is a text editor available on many UNIX systems and Apple OS X. It has earned a deserved reputation for smart code editing, and best of all – it’s free and open-source!

Adobe Axure is an Adobe software product used mainly by IT consultants and product managers, but it can be beneficial to programmers as well. It’s user-friendly with features like creating wireframes and documentation quickly and easily.

Cloud9 is a browser-based integrated environment with an editor, terminal and code completion module. It supports various programming languages and can be shared with team members for real-time development tracking.

Raygun is a debugging software that lets you trace and monitor bugs in your code, making it an indispensable asset for developers who need to identify and fix errors quickly. Furthermore, Raygun can identify code-level issues which could pose security threats.

Program writing can be done in a number of ways, but without experience it may be challenging to determine the most efficient approach. To make things simpler, opt for software that breaks complex projects down into separate modules that can be developed independently from the main application. Doing this makes rewriting large programs or adding new features to existing ones much simpler.

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